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Key Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing has in important role to play in influencing consumer behavior today, but how exactly? And more crucially, for what reasons? Traditional marketing still works, so what particular advantages does digital marketing have to offer?

Cost Effectiveness

Digital marketing practically levels the marketing playing field online. Big or small, a business can create a powerful presence on the web. This is in contrast to traditional advertising - billboards, trimedia ads, etc. - which puts smaller businesses behind larger, more established companies that can afford the huge costs. Digital marketing - blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. - costs are incredibly cheaper (if not free) than traditional advertising and even provides greater advertising mileage.


Digital marketing gives businesses a competitive edge by reaching an unlimited number of people for a relatively small cost. This is particularly true today, if only for the fact that people are spending a significant portion of their day online. Click here to learn more

Concrete Analytics

Digital marketing offers analytics, which means a campaign's performance can be measured scientifically instead of through guesswork. Analytic reports can be easily pulled up to check on the performance of these campaigns and its particular components. For example, how many times a video has been viewed or a blog has been read. With concrete data, improvements can be made with more concrete expectations. If progress can be quantified, the steps and goals leading to more progress can be planned with precision, and the results can be determined with accuracy as well. Learn more about FocalShift Media digital marketing now.

Mobile Reach

Digital marketing can be designed for mobile devices so that customers and potential customers can be reached, regardless of their location. As soon as a business's local search and digital presence has been optimized, it will definitely be found by any searcher. Local search optimization and an established digital presence is crucial as people are becoming more and more dependent on their mobile devices.

More Sales Channels

Picture digital marketing as the arms of a physical business. One provides tips, advice, news and other information through social media. Another arm holds the business's blog, which acts by providing education, inspiration and entertainment to readers. From these main arms are come the landing pages and blog posts for various products. Throw in videos and podcasts, and the business can all over the Internet, sending its message and strengthening its brand, all while marketing its products and services. Here is more info :

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